Try It Out -- Chapter 2, Lesson 7: Decimal Hundredths

Numeric Response
On the metre stick below, letters A, B, and C represent distances that three girls jumped in a high jump competition.



What distance does A represent?



What distance does B represent?



What distance does C represent?


Write each decimal number in standard form.


four and eight hundredths



seventy-seven hundredths



twenty-nine and eleven hundreds



eighteen and eighteen hundredths


Write the decimal number in standard form to fit the description.


one hundredth greater than 4.59



one tenth greater than 4.59



one greater than 4.59


Multiple Choice
Choose the letter beside the correct answer.


Select the words that represent the distance 2.25 m.
two metres and twenty-five hundredths of a metre
two metres and twenty-five tenths of a metre
two metres and twenty-five thousandths of a metre


Select the words that represent the distance 4.02 m.
four metres and two
four metres and two tenths of a metre
four metres and two hundredths of a metre

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