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Web Quests




Your class is organizing a pizza party.   Your teacher wants you and your classmates to be responsible for choosing the food and calculating how much it will cost. You have a budget so don't overspend!



Working in a group, decide on a pizza party order. There are 28 students in your class and you have $75.00 to spend. Estimate the amount of food you will buy and how much it will cost. After you have finalized your order, calculate the total cost and how much change you will get back.



pencil and paper

calculator (optional)

base ten blocks (optional)



  1. In your group, discuss what food and drink you might want to order. How much do you think you will need?  Consider the following:
    • how many slices each person will eat
    • if you will need to order drinks or have classmates bring them from home
  2. As a group, work out a rough order. Use an estimation strategy to decide how much food you will buy. Show your work and justify your choice of estimation strategy.
  3. Go to one of these pizza shop Web sites:

    Pizza Pizza

    241 Pizza

  4. Based on the prices on the Web site, estimate how much your pizza party will cost. Show your work. Justify your choice of estimation strategy.
  5. Is the total cost greater than your budget of $75.00? If so, make some changes to your order.
  6. Make a final copy of your order, including the price of each item and the quantity you have chosen.
  7. Calculate the total cost and the amount of change you will receive if you give the pizza delivery person $75.00.



Pizza shop Web sites:





Did you estimate how much food you would buy and how much it would cost?


Did you justify your choice of estimation strategy?


Did you show all your steps?


Did you explain your thinking?


Did you use math language?