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Web Quests






Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? For this scavenger hunt, you will search for answers to clues without ever leaving your seat!



Here is your chance to prove how much you know about measuring length and time, as well as to show off your searching abilities. Using the Internet, find the answers to the scavenger hunt questions below. For each question, click on the link provided to find the answer.   




scrap paper





Print out the Hunter's Log and record your answers on the log.


  1. Who's faster, the turtle or the hare?

How long would it take each of them to travel 50 km?

Click on this Hinterland Who's Who link to find out about the snowshoe hare and the leatherback sea turtle.

Hint: The snowshoe hare is a mammal and the leatherback sea turtle is a reptile.


  1. Find the perimeter of a basketball court and an American football field. How much greater is the perimeter of the football field than the basketball court?

Click on this Wikipedia link to begin your search.  

Hint: Click on the subcategory for either "Basketball" or "American football". On the next Web page, click on the "basketball" or "American football" link before the Subcategory section.  


  1. How many centimetres taller is the CN Tower than the Kiev TV Tower?

Click on this Fact Monster link to begin your search.

Tip: Make sure you use the height measured in metres to calculate your answer.

  1. Find out the birth dates and professions of these famous Canadians:

Nathaniel Dett

Emily Carr

Susan Aglukark

Write their birth dates in numeric format.

Click on this Canadian Encyclopedia link to begin your search.

Hint: Use the search area at the top of the Web page.


  1. How much time passed between Apollo 11 landing on the moon and Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon?

Write the time Apollo 11 lifted off from the moon using a 24 h clock.

Click on this link The First Lunar Landing to begin your search.


Hint: Look in the Introduction for the answers.





The Hunters' Log


Web sites:

  1. Hinterland's Who's Who
  1. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
  1. Fact Monster
  1. The Canadian Encyclopedias
  1. The First Lunar Landing




Did you make sure you used the correct information from the Web sites?


Did you show all your steps?


Did you explain all your calculations?