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Web Quests




Poly Gon is having a math party. She is going to send out invitations to all her friends. She wants her invitations to be decorated with lots of shapes.


Your job is to design the invitation for Poly's party. The invitation can have lots of colours and use many different effects, but it must follow these rules:

  • Three shapes must be similar.>
  • Two shapes must be trapezoids.
  • One shape must have 2 parallel sides.
  • Two shapes must be congruent.
  • One shape must have less than 4 sides.
  • One shape must have more than 4 sides.

Describe completely the different shapes you used in your design. To create your invitation, you will download a drawing program from the Internet.


  1. Go to Tux Paint. You will have to download this program from the Internet, using the following steps.
    1. Pick which version to download. Ask your teacher for this information. With the mouse, click on the correct version.
    2. Click on the web address under tuxpaint windows installer.
    3. On this screen you must select a mirror. You should pick the mirror that is at a location close to where you live. Which one do you think is the best choice? Check with your teacher before you click on one of the choices under the title download.
    4. A screen ( File Download) will probably pop up on your screen.
    5. It will ask you if you should OPEN or SAVE the file to your computer. Check with your teacher, and then click on the correct one.
    6. On the next screen (Tux Paint Setup: Licensing Agreement), click on I AGREE.
  2. Now you should be ready to start designing your invitation. Explore TUXPAINT to see all the different things you can do with it. Remember, you must follow Poly's rules but you can also add in other designs such as dripping paint, stamps, sparkles and lots of colour.
  3. Once you have completed your invitation, click on PRINT.
  4. Describe each of the shapes you used in your design. Include diagrams of each shape. Use My Invitation Work Sheet to write down your descriptions.



Tux Paint




My Invitation Work Sheet







Did you verify that your invitation agrees with Poly's rules?


Did you organize your work so it was easy to follow?


Did you include diagrams?


Did you describe your shapes using math language?