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At the beginning of Chapter 10 you made up an event for a Play Day for 54 students. Along with your event there are going to be lots of other activities, such as a beanbag toss and a relay race. All that playing and running around is going to make everybody very hungry.



In pairs, organize the food and drinks for a group of the students who will be attending the Play Day. First you must calculate the number of people in your group. Here is the information you need to find out how many people will be in it.

  • There are 54 students coming to the play day.
  • There are 9 groups.
  • Each group will have one teacher in it. Remember, teachers get hungry too!

Visit different websites to choose the food and drinks you will serve. Calculate how much you will need.



  1. Calculate the number of students in your group. Show your work.
  2. Think about the food you might want to serve at the Play Day. Talk about it with your partner. How much food do you think you will need?
  3. Visit some of the following sites to get some ideas and then make your choices.
  4. Save the pictures of the items you have chosen for your menu.
    1. Create a file called "Play Day Food". Ask your teacher where you should create this file (maybe in MY PICTURES).
    2. Place the cursor over the picture and right click.
    3. Click on SAVE PICTURE AS.
    4. Click on the folder where you want to put the picture.
    5. Name the picture.
    6. Click on SAVE.
  5. Insert your pictures in My Play Day Menu. To insert pictures follow these steps:
    1. Go to the top left-hand side of your screen and click on INSERT.
    2. Scroll down to PICTURE. Click on FROM FILE.
    3. Double-click on your file "Play Day Food" to open it.
    4. Double-click on your picture to insert in your menu.
  6. Complete the rest of your chart. Show your work.




Grocery Gateway

Mr. Case

President's Choice

Bulk Foods


My Play Day Menu


calculators (optional)

counters (optional)

multiplication tables (optional)

scissors (optional)

examples of food for weight demonstration (optional)




Did you make appropriate choices for your menu?


Was your menu clear and easy to follow?


Did you show all your work?


Did you use math language?