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On a windy day there is nothing more fun than going outside and flying a kite. You designed your own kite and described it using words and fractions in the Chapter 12 Chapter Task, now look at some more kites that other people have designed.


There are many websites that sell kites and give information on kites. Visit some of these websites and look at the many different types of kites that exist. Pick 4 kites that you find interesting. Describe them in the following ways:

  • Describe the shape of each kite.
  • If your kite is made up of more than one shape, describe these shapes.
  • Using fractions of an area, describe the colours in each kite. Describe your fractions as decimals.
  • Create fractions of a set that describe your group of four kites.


  1. Begin by looking at some of these websites to see many different styles of kites.

    Kite Works

    Coastal Kites

    Picture Pretty Kites

    Into the Wind

  2. Kittyhawk Kites

  3. Pick 4 kites to describe. Make sure that you pick kites that are in shapes that you can describe. Remember, you will also be describing these kites using fractions. A frog-shaped kite might be fun to fly but would be difficult to describe using fractions!
  4. Save the pictures of the 4 kites you chose. If you don't remember how to do this, follow the steps in Web Quest Grade 4 Chapter 4.
  5. Insert your pictures in the Kite Fact Sheet.
  6. Fill in the chart for each of your kites.
  7. Look at your 4 kites. What do they have in common? Write fractions of a set that describe your kites.



Kite Works

Coastal Kites

Picture Pretty Kites

Into the Wind

Kittyhawk Kites


Kite Fact Sheet




Did you choose appropriate kites for the task?


Did you describe the 4 kites using fractions and decimals?


Did you use math language?