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Web Quests


Crazy Quilt Game


In Chapter 12 you have had lots of practice working with quilt patterns. How well can you describe them? Would you be able to recognize a quilt pattern that someone else described using math language? Let's find out.



Examine the quilt blocks at some Web sites and choose one that you like. Write a description of this quilt block using math language. Exchange your quilt block description with another student. Using his/her description, find the quilt block he/she chose. Suggest how the other student could improve his/her quilt block description. Review your own description. Discuss with the other student how you could improve your description.



Part A

  1. Choose a quilt block to describe from one of these websites:

    Quilter's Haven
    Quilt Block Collection
    Quilt Pattern Blocks

  2. Print a copy of your quilt block. In Part B another student will try to recognize your quilt block using only your description, so try not to let them see your choice.
  3. Describe your quilt block. Use math language. Make sure your description is clear and easy to follow.

Part B

  1. Exchange your description with another student. Searching through all the quilt blocks on all 3 websites would be too much work, so tell him/her at what site you found your pattern block. If there were a lot of choices, tell them what page it was on.
  2. Using another student's description, find the matching quilt block.

Part C

  1. Find out if you found the correct quilt. Offer suggestions that will help the student make her/his description clearer and easier to follow.
  2. Find out if the student found your quilt block. Was your description easy to follow? How could you improve your description?
  3. Make improvements to your description.



Quilter's Haven

Quilt Block Collection

Quilt Pattern Blocks


sheet of paper for printing quilt block

sheet of paper for writing description





Did you show the right amount of detail? (Part A)


Did you use math language?

(Part A)


Did you read the quilt block description carefully? (Part B)


Was your description clear and easy to follow? (Part C)