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Surf for More Math

Lesson 3 - Solve Problems Using Patterns


Use this interactive game to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning how to solve problems using patterns. Students can try this game on their own or in pairs.


Identify patterns to solve problems.


Builds Upon

Student Book pages 8-9

Instructions for Use

Stop that Creature! lets students find patterns to shut down the machines that control clones. Once they shut down all ten machines, they will have saved Poddleville from the clones.

To use Stop that Creature!, study the numbers that go into the machine and then come out of the machine. The numbers appear in a chart below the machine as well. Determine the pattern the machine is creating and then click the arrow on the first question mark box and select the operation involved in the pattern. Then click the arrow in the second question mark box and select the number that is being added, subtracted, multiplied by, or used to divide. Then click the "OK" button to shut down the machine.