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Surf for More Math

Lesson 5 - Number Patterns in Spreadsheets


Use the following interactive activity to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about number patterns in spreadsheets. Students can try this activity on their own or in pairs.


Create and identify patterns in spreadsheets.


Builds Upon

Student Book pages 14-15

Instructions for Use

Spreadsheet lets students practice using a spreadsheet by selecting and editing a cell, entering values into a cell, and exiting a cell without changing the contents.

To use Spreadsheet, click on a cell to enter values. To edit the cell, select it, enter data, and then press the Enter key. To exit a cell, press the Esc key. To perform a calculation, start the contents of the cell with an equals sign ( = ). To reference cells, simply use the column and row location of the cell, such as A1, D7, or B65. To reference a range of cells use a colon ( : ) between two cell references, such as A1:C9, D8:D20, or B1:F1.

Ask students to solve the following problem:

Each student ticket to a school concert costs $4.00 and each adult ticket costs $6.50. Create a spreadsheet to show the cost of 1 to 10 student and adult tickets.