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Surf for More Math

Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions


To encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about Equivalent Fractions, here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.


Make models of fractions and make equivalent fractions.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 336-337


Instructions for Use

Fraction Frenzy lets students practice matching equivalent fractions.

A group of fractions are displayed on the screen. Have students click one of the fractions, and then click the equivalent fraction. Continue until students have matched all the fractions. If the time runs out, the game is over.


Equivalent Fractions helps students match equivalent number and picture fractions.

To use Equivalent Fractions, match all the bottles with equivalent fractions. Click on a bottle and then click on a second bottle with an equivalent fraction. Have students try all the levels in this game.


Equivalent Fraction Finder helps students visualize equivalent fractions using models.

To use Equivalent Fraction Finder, select either a square or circle from the 'Choose Shape' pull-down menu. The value for the red shape is given. Have students to illustrate two fractions, which have the same value as a third.

Using the square, to change the number of columns, click on the ' +Col' button to add columns, and the ' -Col' button to remove columns. To change the number of rows, click on the ' +Row' button to add rows, and the ' -Row' button to delete rows. To colour a section in the diagram, click on the section. To un-colour it, click it again.

Using the circle, to change the number of sections in the shape, click on the ' +Sec' button to add sections, and the' -Sec' button to remove sections.

Have students make the coloured area of the blue and green shapes equal to the red shape. Click the 'Check' button above each diagram to check the answer. If the diagram is correct, the word 'Correct' will be printed at the top of the diagram; if it isn't correct, the word "Incorrect" will be printed instead. If the answer is incorrect, have students try the exercise again. If the given fraction or a fraction already made with the same numerator and denominator is repeated, the word 'Repeat' will be printed.

Click the ' Start Over' button to restart the current question from the beginning. Click the ' Next Question' button for a new question.