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Surf for More Math

Lesson 7 - Comparing and Ordering Fractions on a Number Line


To encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about Comparing and Ordering Fractions on a Number Line, here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.


Use fraction strips to make a number line to compare and order fractions.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 348-349


Instructions for Use

Play the Fraction Track gives students as a visual model for comparing fractions.

Play the Fraction Track is a game for two players. To use Play the Fraction Track, the first player begins by moving one or more blue markers along the tracks, either forward or backward, so that the positive and negative distances moved by all markers add to the amount shown in the fraction box. When a piece is moved, an outline is shown in its starting position for that turn. Click on 'Finish Move' to let the next player take a turn. If the markers are incorrectly added to the fraction shown on the box, an error message is displayed if the move was not correct. When a correct move is entered, the second player then similarly moves one or more red markers. If a player cannot complete a move, click on the 'Pass' button. The first player to move all the markers to the right side of the Fraction Track board wins!


Comparing Fractions prompts students to compare and order fractions on a number line.

To use Comparing Fractions, find the common denominators by clicking the up and down arrow buttons below each graphic to change the number of parts it is divided into. When there are no black lines in the middle of the graphic (only yellow lines), the new denominator divides the original fraction with no remainder.

Change the number of parts that each graphic is divided into until they are equal and there are no black lines in the graphics.

When the common denominator is found, click in the boxes to the right of the equals signs ( = ) and use the keyboard to enter the equivalent fractions. Click the 'Check ' button. If the answer is correct, a number line will be displayed. If the answer is incorrect, a message will display the error.

After the equivalent fractions are identified, a number line appears. Click on number line points that represent the equivalent fractions. If the answer is correct, a dot will be displayed on the number line. If the answer is incorrect, a hint will be displayed.

When the equivalent fractions on the number line are identified, enter a fraction that is between the two fractions marked. Use the up and down arrow buttons to the right of the number line to change the number of divisions on the number line. Then, enter the fraction in the boxes above, and click the 'Check' button. A message will display if answer is correct or not.

Click the 'New Fractions' button below the workspace to begin a new problem.